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What is a Senior Phone?

What is a Senior Phone?

senior phone is something that everybody needs now , regardless of their age, gender, lifestyle or geographic location, yet too often people are paired with technology that does not suit their needs or that they are unable to use effectively.Winpower senior phones offer an effective solution for those looking to connect with others and enhance their personal safety through the use of accessible technology.

The standard features across winpower mobile phone range that enables this increased connectivity and safety include:

Large keys and fonts for simpler dialing and reading

These features support users with reduced dexterity and eye sight.

senior phone

SOS/Emergency button

The SOS button can be programmed to dial someone the user wants to contact in the case of an emergency. This may be emergency services (000) or a family member or friend. Through programming the SOS button with a desired phone number, assistance can be just one press away. Once pressed, the SOS button dials the programmed phone number and then sounds an alarm. The alarm feature provides additional support to the user by alerting bystanders that they require support.

 senior phone

Increased volume output for ringtones and radio

 The increased volume option for ringtones and radio assist users in hearing their phone, whether it be when their phone is ringing or when they are enjoying a radio broadcast.

 senior phone

Pre-programming of mobile phone numbers to speed dial

The use of speed dial increases the ease in which users are able to connect with family and friends. 

Long standby time 

The standby time of winpower products range from 7 days - 15 days.

senior phone 

Easily activated torch 

Useful torch activated by a single button for increased security.

 senior phone

Extra Features

Additional features integrated into specific winpower products (please refer to individual product descriptions or winpower product comparison chart in regards to which products integrate the below features):

'Talking buttons' - voice output upon dialing

 When the user presses a number key, the senior phone audibly repeats the pressed number. This provides additional reassurance to the user that the number they have selected is correct.

Locating capacity

Users safety is greatly increased through the location of the phone being sent to the SOS pre-programmed phone number when the SOS button is pressed. This feature is in addition to a phone call being made and alarm being sounded when the SOS button is pressed. The location is sent via a SMS containing the longitude and latitude coordinates of the senior phone and a Google map link.


Users can capture special moments throughout their day using the inbuilt 2 megapixel camera within their senior phone

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