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Winpower big button mobile phone for elderly , SOS emergency phone

Winpower  big button mobile phone for elderly , SOS emergency phone

  Winpower offers a wide range of Big Button Mobile Phones for seniors and the elderly. All the models are specifically designed for the elderly citizens, and provides a great and friendly user experience.


With big buttons designed on the keypad, everything from making a phone call to sending a SMS text becomes easy. Buttons are customized to make it easy to press. Senior citizens don't need to worry about pressing or touching the wrong buttons anymore.


 Having trouble in reading the miniature text displaying on your mobile phone? Winpower senior mobile phone perfectly solves this problem. Every senior mobile phone is equipped with large text display. Reading the text on the screen will no longer be a challenge.


  Sometimes, searching for contacts and functions on the menu causes a lot of trouble for the senior, especially when there is an emergency. Winpower senior phones SOS Emergency Key can activate pre-set contact numbers, calling and sending message to the pre-set contact person at the same time. The activation is easy: just long press the SOS Emergency button.


  Remembering and dialing long and difficult-to-remember phone numbers can be a hassle. The speed dial / fast call function of Winpower senior phone allows user to programme several contacts in the phone memory. After setting the speed dial, phone numbers of partner, kids or grandkids can easily be reached by one button.


  Loud and clear sound is a must for seniors when using a mobile phone. On every winpower senior phone, sound is amplified and enhanced for the elderly to make sure that the loudspeaker volume (up to 90Db) reaches the level elders are most comfortable with. At the same time, noise is filtered out to keep the sound clear and clean.


  Torch light safeguards seniors in the night and in the darkness. A bright LED torch light which can illuminate nearby area is embedded in every senior phone. It can work as flash light and help the seniors after activating simply by pushing one button.


   FM Radio function allows users to listen to the radio through mobile phone. The loudspeaker enables the phone to work perfectly as a radio station on the hand free mode.

   Winpower Big Button Mobile Phone is the best gift for seniors and the elderly. Surprise your partner, your parents and grandparents with a senior friendly Winpower mobile phone now!


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