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win power make first quality phone ,second hand phone , refurbished phone

win power make first quality phone ,second hand phone , refurbished phone

Second-hand phone market is now hot sale and very popular in some country , we make refurbrish phone , like such as iphone , blackberry , nokia .


what is refurbrished phone ?

we use the original brand phone to change the phone cover , then it looks like new one . no change others ,so the phone is keep original quality .

somebody will only use the mainboard and every other spare parts use cheaper one to instead the original  , that will be cheaper ,but is not good quality , no stable . so not only compare price ,need to see what is inside .

i have a customer from European . And below is our deal story :) 

he is a foreign trading company , who is a specially purchaser in china , he need are all Second-hand phones,like iphone 4,4s ,iphone 5,5s . at the first two orders,we are cooperate  is very happy, in the third order , there has a problem , as he require samsung second hand mobile , but we don't want to provide , as we know samsung second hand phone has many quality problem , most samsung mobile phone is only use original motherboard ,but the others spare  parts are not , so it lead the phone is poor quality . the board phone , it may  not have the quality in one month ,but later will cause lots of quality problem , we say honestly to him , but he is unhappy . we tell frankly speaking to him ,the board phone is not good ,and we suggest to stop the samsung phone . we don't want to spoil our reputation , we are a serious company , Business is not just for the money,but also reputation and honest !but customer said he need the phone urgently ,ask us to provide , but we refused , he is very angery with us .

after one month later , he found us ,and gave us a long long order list ,include new item and second hand phone , now i knew he understand me , and many thanks for his trustful . we will do the best quality and best service for him ,but we will also will keep our principle ,only do first quality goods . we want do long term business , not only one order .this is why we exist 9 years  .


welcome to inqiry : iphone 4,4s ,5,5 , 16g ,32g , 64g ,are hot sale now .



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